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Department of Government Funds Audit

This Department, both in size and number, is the largest of all departments at the Commission. It consists of several units charged with specific responsibilities, and was created to audit all 21 government ministries, 15 counties, agencies of government, educational institutions, and the audit of the GoL Annual Consolidated Fund Account. It is also responsible to audit all revenue generating entitites of government to ensure that all monies spent from tax payers’ pockets tally with the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy and to also vet all public debts claimed by vendors and service providers, consistent with Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE-16) and other International Auditing Standards guidance to public entities. The Department includes a Donor Funds Audit Unit that provides audit support associated with the Integrated Public Financial Management Project (IPFMRP) and USAID audit of funding to the GoL.

Department of Quality Assurance

The Department of Quality Assurance (DQA) has the responsibility of providing independent assurance to the Auditor General (AG) that the quality control systems and practices in the General Auditing Commission (GAC) are working effectively and that the GAC is issuing appropriate reports in accordance with the INTOSAI standards.

The DQA is the center for quality management at the GAC. As a result, it assists the institution by monitoring the system of quality control to provide reasonable assurance that each auditor and or staff of the GAC complies with relevant standards, policies and procedures and that the reports issued by the GAC are appropriate in the circumstances as required by ISSAI 40.

Quality control consists of the systems and practices designed to ensure that the GAC issues reports that are appropriate in the circumstances, and in accordance with applicable legislation and standards. This process can be done by the quality control reviews and post audit reviews.

Quality Assurance provides independent assurance to the Auditor General of the GAC that the quality control systems and practices in the GAC are working effectively and that the GAC is issuing appropriate reports.

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Department of State Owned Enterprises

State Owned Enterprises are entities of Government that are operated as for-profit businesses; they are required to contribute to the National Budget. This department is charged with the responsibility to audit Government Business Enterprises such as: Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, the National Port Authority, the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA), National Transit Authority (NTA), National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP etc.

Department of Performance Audit

The Department of Performance audit examines governments' management practices, controls, and reporting systems with a focus on results. It seeks to determine whether government programs are being managed with due regard for economy, efficiency, and environmental impact, and whether there are measures in place to determine their effectiveness. Under the Department of Performance Audit, the Auditor General has considerable discretion to determine what areas of government to be examined when doing such audits. The Department of Performance audits may look at a single government program or activity, an area of responsibility that involves several departments or agencies, or an issue that affects many departments.

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Department of Financial Institution Audit

This department is tasked to audit financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and at the same time carry out a special financial investigation. The Department of Financial Institution Audit also audits special government escrow accounts and special government transactions, including statutory and legal reviews of financial institutions.

Department of IT Audit and Computer Forensics

The IT Audit and Computer Forensic Department is charged with the responsibility to conduct the verification and validation of all IT systems within the government of Liberia. It is also to ensure that systems security controls compliance standards are in place and prevent system risks and vulnerabilities that could impact GoL’s business continuity.

Department of Rapid Response Unit

The Rapid Response department is charged with the responsibility to conduct special financial investigations. These investigations are commenced based on predications arising from whistle-blowing, anomalies that are discovered during regularity and other audits, tips and alleged fraudulent cases reported in the print and electronic media. Additionally, the department also conducts investigative audits as assigned by the Auditor General through examination and analyses of both financial documents and processes of public entities and individuals allegedly involved in misapplication of public resources as well as non-compliance with extant laws, regulations and standards governing these public entities. The department work is characterized by time horizon and specificity. Investigations are conducted on specific subject matter and with a view to prove or disprove allegations of fraudulent financial transactions and asset misappropriation. The department assists the Ministry of Justice with information leading to indictment of individuals responsible for fraudulent financial transactions and asset misappropriation contained in its reports. The department also liaises with other anti-graft institutions in carrying out its functions.

Department of Management Internal Control

The office of the Deputy General hereby establishes the Department of Management Internal Control (MIC), to assist his office in fulfilling the administrative oversight responsibilities of the GAC through monitoring, inspection, evaluation and investigation services .It is to provide reasonable assurance to the office of the Deputy Auditor General for Administration that transactions and activities relating to procurement, finance, Human Resources, Assets Management, policies implementation, etc. are in compliance with all relevant laws, Acts and Regulations. It is accompanied by regular review, monitoring and other procedures as deemed necessary by the Department, and making regularly reports; monthly, quarterly, annually and as instructed by the Auditor General or Deputy Auditor General.

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