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The Department of Finance

The Finance section of the GAC is to provide financial guidance and prudence for the Commission, while anticipating and handling issues of financial management and concerns; and developing and implementing initiatives and strategies in order to improve performance in the process. The Finance section leads all efforts in the procurement and disbursement of the Commission’s funds. It ensures that all Departments are given the needed resources to do their work. The Finance section handles the inflow and outflow of funds (GoL and Donor) of the Commission. It is also responsible to prepare yearly Financial Statements (IPSAS) as required by the Public Financial Management Law.

The Department of Human Resources

This department is charged with the mandate to ensure that all policies governing the operations of the Commission are adhered to on a-day to -day basis. It is to promote, enforce and seek the welfare of all employees, some of which include the day-to-day policies enshrined in Commission’s employee hand book. This Department also trains the GAC workforce; ensures that their benefits are available.

The Department of Legal Services

This department is charged with the mandate to manage the legal risks of the GAC. It provides legal guidance to the Commission. It is also responsible to provide legal aid to the Ministry of Justice during litigations resulting from audit reports; meaning it assists the prosecution team in the event of going to court. The primary role of the Legal Department is to provide legal advice to the Auditor General. It analyzes and researches legislations and laws that are relevant to the mandate of the GAC. It also reviews audit reports to advice on issues with legal implications.

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Department of Strategic & Operational Planning

The Department of Strategic and Operational Planning is to ensure that the vision of the Auditor General is executed by the various departments, while maximizing resources to manage projects. It also works with GAC’s national and international partners to ensure that the support provided efficiently meets GAC needs.

The Department also formulates, in coordination with the Auditor General, the Commission’s vision which would give its over-all general policy direction. It sets the Commission’s organizational goals and objectives and its realization within specified time frame in order to attain the organization’s planned future goal. This department collects and evaluates external and internal information relevant to the organizations for developing a long-range (strategic) plans that will properly position the organization to attain its desired goals.

Department of Communications and Public Relations

This department is the representative of the Commission and the medium of disseminating accurate and factual information to the public. It is clothed with the mandate to propagate information on the Commission’s activities both, nationally and internationally. It promotes the values, mission and vision of the Commission. The Department of Communications operates under two basis channels; Internal Communications & External Communications. The department develops procedures for effective communication, and serves as advisers for effective communication. The Department produces written materials like newsletters periodically for all stake holders including employees. It provides information about organizational changes, or provides advice to the Commission’s management on how to effectively communicate. It also plans and produces content for stakeholders. It also handles media and public relations.

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Department of Procurement

This department is clothed with the mandate to procure the needs of the Commission. It also seeks to ensure that all the necessary frameworks are adhered to when it comes to bidding for the Commission. The Procurement Department is the office responsible for the acquisition of supplies and services to support the work of the Commission. It handles all the procurement needs and policies of the Commission. It carries out the functions of the Procurement Department in strict adherence to the public procurement and Concession Act (PPCC). It implements the decisions of the procurement and asset disposal committee of the Commission. The Procurement Department also monitors contract management.

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Department of IT Operation

The IT department of the General Auditing Commission was established to address and resolve technical issues encounter by employees of the entity. The department is responsible for providing technical support to all computer or network users in the entity. This includes but not limited to developing and installing new software, network setup and configuration, troubleshooting, resolving hardware problems and to ensure that all employees are trained on how to use new software and hardware that are deployed in the entity. The IT department is constantly working on new and emerging technologies that will make work easier and effective at the entity. Part of this initiative is to ensure that we have the right IT platform in place to support the commission’s objectives and strengthen our business continuity. To fast track this endeavor, the commission has installed a robust, high speed, secured fiber network infrastructure that encompasses four window based enterprise servers and twelve business class network switches one business class router to support the over 450 end users that the commission currently have. For better accessibility and faster response time, the IT department has established an IT help desk to assist employees with computer related issues. The department is currently staff with 15 employees including a Director, System and Network Analysts and help desk specialists who are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the department.

Department of Logistics

This Department is responsible to manage the logistics needs of the Commission. It coordinates the dispatching of letters from the Commission. It also coordinates the hosting of venues for the Commission to host program. The logistics department is entrusted with the responsibilities of ensuring that the entire process of logistics is developed and maintained economically.

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Department of Assets and Fleet Management

The Asset and Fleet Management Department oversees, coordinates and facilitates various transport and transport related activities of the Commission. The Assets and Fleet Management Department is responsible to cover vehicles involved in the movement of goods; and services of the Commission. It is also charged with the mandate to maintain the property of the Commission and other equipment such as generators and handling equipment.

Department of Management Internal Control

The office of the Deputy General hereby establishes the Department of Management Internal Control (MIC), to assist his office in fulfilling the administrative oversight responsibilities of the GAC through monitoring, inspection, evaluation and investigation services .It is to provide reasonable assurance to the office of the Deputy Auditor General for Administration that transactions and activities relating to procurement, finance, Human Resources, Assets Management, policies implementation, etc. are in compliance with all relevant laws, Acts and Regulations. It is accompanied by regular review, monitoring and other procedures as deemed necessary by the Department, and making regularly reports; monthly, quarterly, annually and as instructed by the Auditor General or Deputy Auditor General.

The Facility And Security Unit

The Facility and Security Unit is to provide protection for the facility of the Commission, and its assets. It is also charged with the responsibility to coordinate the security of the GAC, when it comes to the day to day movement of individuals in the building.

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